Adam’s Story

During our 2nd Birthday Celebrations on 16th March 2018, one of our residents delivered a speech on what Rock House means to him. He has given permission for us to share his story with the world. Photo by John Cole Photography.

Hi everyone!
For those who don’t know me, I’m Adam, and I’ve been at Rock House for just over a
year and a half.
I live here up on the fourth floor. I also run my business from Ground Control. And like
all tenants here I do my bit with the self-management of the building.
Rock House is really special, it’s unlike anywhere else I can imagine.
I remember when I came for my interview here, we were told all about the ideals of
the building, how they were creating a community, more than just a block of flats, and
how everyone here was encouraged to be a part of that community.
I wrote on my application form that I was really excited by the idea of it and its social
purpose, but it’s funny to reflect on the fact that I didn’t really know what that meant
– because there’s no precedent for a place like this, and it was only when I got here
that I started to realise that it’s all true, this place really is more than just four walls
and a roof.
I came here when my landlady at my previous place decided to sell up; I was
seriously struggling financially, and my mental health was all over the place.
Being here has given me a sense of stability in my living situation, and allowed me to
make a go of my business. In fact I’ve even made connections here which have led to
working with 5 or more other businesses who are here.
I love being involved in the running of the building too. From putting out the bins, to
creating videos to promote the place, to helping with the management of Ground
Control. It all gives me a sense of being a meaningful cog in this fantastic machine.
And socially, this place really does feel like a community. The people who all work
and live here are not just people I bump into from time to time, but friends.
Rock House has made a real tangible difference to my life. I don’t think it’s a
coincidence that since I’ve been at Rock House my business seems to be going more
positively, and my bipolar disorder has settled down a lot – to the extent that my
medication is being reduced.
It’s also made me re-evaluate what ‘housing’ is all about, what it should be about –
and what it can be about. Which is something better than most people get to
experience, and I’m continuously grateful that I get to be a part of it.
I was going to write a speech which would kind of ‘sell’ Rock House to people who
don’t know it, but in the end I just thought I’d tell you a bit about how it has helped
me, and invite you to spend some time here, and find out more, because I think it sells
So just have a drink and wander around and see what it’s all about!

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